Wind and rain. Might sound awesome with cello and accordion? Or guitar and accordion.

Moving Parts. D A G all the way through, Em D A in the one B part. This a short tune that would sound good with accordion, guitar and harmony. It’s pretty similar to A Good Day which is maybe a better choice for this trip though so I’m including it as a maybe. moving parts Words.

Entente Cordiale

This is a good slightly alternative yet very accessible one to have in the set so I’ll def do it. I enclose Celtic connections version which has little balkan instrumental outro that might be fun, can write it out, it’s A / Gm, but it can finish just at last chorus too if we don’t have time to do the end bit or if it sounds too empty with 2 instruments and acoustically. (As I’m right in thinking some of these shows will be totally acoustic?).

For ref here is full band version off 2008 album. Getting the backing vocals in in “ah’s” section and chorus would be ace.




Entente Cordiale chart

entente cordiale – two charts-the one above was for someone who was going to dep with a more extended ending-just take the verse/chorus chords, we could totally still do the polka section into the A/Gm with you playing some lead on accordion, or we end the song on a chorus.

Red Rivers – this is a new track. I love the arrangement we played at Celtic with 3 of us, which is below. Pdfs/charts also below. It is a bit proggy though and I am not sure about including it in our set -what do you think? I have plenty of others.

Red River Red River outro


This one might be effective and dynamic. The outro riff is not as easy to build without loops but we might come up with something, or I literally just use wee amp for that number. Or we don’t do it. The recording below has some kind of glitch in the first 2 bars-it should be G C D F as written.


One way the outro could work is if you play the first riff in the ‘parts’ pdf round and round on whatever instrument you think best and I play the guitar parts over the top.

Bargains parts

A Good day

This is one I pull out when in doubt. Always seems ok. Could suit this tour well as it’s jaunty and has a harmony all the way through. Stems rehearsal demo version below.

a good day

Jacky – this is a fun Jacques Brel song that we could rock cabaret style. I just did it again-occasional bum chord but hopefully makes more sense.

Jacky chords

Rosemary Lane. I like this dadgad arrangement. It’s a bit downbeat though. Some mournful drone accordion would work well and harmonies in build section.

Number Five – nice with harmonies.

number five chart number five


Catholic blues – I don’t do this often with the band but it’s one that works well alone and I think with harmonies could be cool.

Catholic Blues catholic blues

Today – this is a new song. Will put chords up  tomo. It does go round and round a bit but I think we could make it dynamic. I really need BVs on the chorus or those higher notes are too exposed esp with no revert :) The ending actually needs to stay off the beat.

Coffin song

This is from a gig. It’s a bit slow. I had bigger wavs of the recording and wanted to go to bed. BVs on chorus and build on end. Should be nice.

Coffin song words and chords

Carry it on

This be the Pete Seeger torch song.

carry it on

The Sand and The Hill

The Sand & The Hill chords

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