All aspects of songwriting, from how to write lyrics even if you’ve never written them before; how to choose chords for your song, how to write great melodies and how to finish songs when you get stuck. 

Coaching and workshops can be short and specific, targeted to support aspects of a particular syllabus like GCSE music, or more open ended towards supporting and refining creative practice for artists over one day, two days or longer residential retreats. 


Coaching in the best way to build up your skills depending on the areas of guitar playing that you are most interested in: from developing great solos and lead guitar technique to being the ultimate accompanist to arrange your own material or songs you love for compelling performances. 


Singing is such a powerful natural urge and one that can end up subjected to such a sense of shame and embarrassment! As the person who didn’t get into their school choir and now sings professionally, I can absolutely affirm that wherever you start out with, if you want to feel more confident singing you absolutely can develop both your pitch accuracy and your technical agility to enjoy singing songs you love.